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Art therapy by psychotherapist
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Art therapy helps us understand ourselves and our lives through experimenting with creating art.
There is no right or wrong for learning and growing with freedom. By psychotherapists , psychiatrists , psychiatric doctors


Art therapy

A form of psychotherapy that uses art as a medium To substitute for verbal and linguistic constraints when describing certain states or thoughts. Art therapy clients will be able to try and create works of art to express their feelings through visual language and symbolism. Without prior experience or expertise in the arts, The critical process is for you to observe, explore and understand the emotions that arise during the artwork and when the work is finished.


A psychotherapist will ensure that the art workspace has a safe atmosphere. Observe and encourage you to understand your mind Awareness and growth Able to relate and accept thoughts and feelings under challenging experiences To develop the quality of mind to have more freedom in life Along with providing a wide range of art supplies such as colored paper, fabric, and embroidery equipment, clay, photo cards, magazines, waste materials, etc., the artwork of the service recipient will be kept private.

Art therapy treatment plan by psychotherapist
The Oasis Psychiatric Clinic Bangkok

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