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creative activities by psychotherapist
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A space to energize fun, creativity and life skills for children and adults through a variety of specially designed activities. By psychotherapists , psychiatrists , psychiatric doctors


Creative activity

Fun is good for the heart and good for learning for all ages. We, therefore, offer a wide variety of creative activities and are open to both young and old recipients. Whether it is art, drama, dance, movement, yoga, and Thai dance, it is tailored by creative activists who specialize in various creative activities.


It's an experience of playing and trying different activities for kids, especially in the arts. Drama and creative music Will increase artistic skills, creativity, and imagination. It also helps them grow, feels kind, self-aware, and understand how to live with others through class activities. Promote intelligence in both thinking and emotion.


For adults, Creative activities will allow you to experience relaxation. Fun and creativity It is a space to rest from stress and tiredness from the burden of life and work. In addition, they learn to understand themselves. While also practicing emotional management and communication skills with the people around you.

โดยนักจิตบำบัด จิตแพทย์
The Oasis คลินิกจิตเวช กรุงเทพ

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