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Psychotherapy services by psychotherapist
psychiatrist psychiatrist doctor

Mental care process for those who need a safe space to discuss issues
in life, where a psychotherapist is ready to be by your side Let's listen and explore the story together.

Girl in Therapy


Taking care of the individual mind through private conversations with a psychotherapist. In a safe area where you can open up your mind to share problems with life. Until suffering or frustration subsided, A psychotherapist will invite you to explore and reflect on your emotions. Thought until the understanding of himself Create internal awareness Have developed the skills necessary to handle difficult situations


Service recipients will try to face the problem. Learn to live with feelings such as fear, worry, And the sadness of being lost With a psychotherapist waiting beside you Until you feel calm, stable, and able to deal with the challenges and changes in your life.


* Service recipients can choose to receive this service in an online format.

Plan your psychotherapy treatment with The Oasis.
Bangkok Psychiatric Clinic

Ask for advice on depression , anxiety, and insomnia . and mental health problems, psychiatry, psychotherapy , consulting a psychiatrist Expert psychiatrist ready to inquire about treatment costs for depression and other mental health problems

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