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The Oasis was founded by a team of experts in various professions. People who focus on the '4 Pillars of Health' concept: Body, Mind, Family and Spirit.

Oratip Nimkannon

Oratip Nimkarnnon

Counseling psychologist and an art therapist


Life doesn't take a straight line from its beginning to its goal. The path we walk often includes challenges, obstacles, pain, rewards, and a feeling of fullness at different times. The challenges we face along the way may be a test for us to learn to adapt and change, or if we get stuck together, it may feel stuck until causing discouragement and boredom. However, a new beginning is always possible if we still have hope.


“Hope is what will lead us to continue. But when the jam makes you feel discouraged and hopeless. We may need someone who can step in and support us, who can be close to you. Or if there is no one at all, a therapist can help us have hope fostered in our hearts, ”says Pie.


The Journey of Pie-Orathip Nimkarnnon To become a counseling psychologist and art therapist started with the feeling of being overwhelmed by many, like in a life that is stuck in a traditional cycle without finding a way out. From the beginning, repeated interruptions were noticeable Pie has entered the process of understanding itself. This has led to an interest in the transformation process arising from what is known as a therapeutic relationship that allows exploring the root of suffering and pain and leading to changes that lead out of the whirlpool. Start again in life.


The whole experience of finding myself and starting over. It is the foundation of the therapy that the pie does. After completing a master's degree in counseling, psychology Pie decides to deflect from a career as a journalist and marketing writer. To work on the suffering and emotional pain of refugees from political violence. It is a decision that comes from the need as a spiritual resting place for those who have lost everything in life. Even home and family, having to hitchhike without knowing fate from one place to another without knowing the goal From this beginning, Pie has witnessed the fantastic potential of humans to adapt and change. Therefore more convinced that every life can start again No matter how flickering hope is


And it was this work with refugees that made Pi decide to study more specialized in art therapy. This is because working with trauma and emotional pain by talking is limited by the brain's natural defense mechanisms. And talking about the incident may even further lead to repeated injuries. (Retraumatize) Art therapy is another way that helps heal wounds from the inside.


"Having multiple tools Pieces in hand Beneficial to therapy or counseling Because the therapist is not the one who knows all the answers. And there is not the only way to solve this problem. Various tools will help therapists guide the treated person through a distraction process. By choosing a tool that fits his potential at that time, "explains Pie.


After two years of working with refugees, Pie decided to move to a hospital system in Chiang Mai, bringing oneself to change again. “Change is tough and challenging. We have to draw out every potential within ourselves. And if where we don't have one, We have to find help. The treatment process is the same. Change is inevitable. But before we can help him change himself. We have to help them build their potential to be sufficient first, so the therapy takes time. Because each person has different challenges. From my hands-on experience, it makes us understand when the recipient is reluctant or afraid to change, ”adds further details.


“In therapy, change happens for both him and ourselves in the treatment room every time. It is a job that we have to constantly develop ourselves through during the five years working in this career. And the fact that we never stop developing ourselves in and out of the treatment room Allowing us to gain experience And it's a therapist who helps lead those who come to us further in the process of understanding and transforming themselves, ”concludes Pi.


Oratip Nimkannon, AThR



  • Registered Art Therapist (AThR), The Australian, New Zealand, and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA).



  • Master of Arts, Art Therapy, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

  • Master of Science, Counseling Psychology, Assumption University, Thailand

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications, University of Washington, USA



  • Diagnostic Drawing Series

  • Healing trauma with guided drawing

  • EMDR levels 1, 2

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