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The Oasis was founded by a team of experts in various professions. People who focus on the '4 Pillars of Health' concept: Body, Mind, Family and Spirit.

Patcharin Saejea

Patcharin Saejia

Yoga teacher and clinical psychologist

(Yoga Teacher and Registered Clinical Psychologist)


"Practicing yoga is a form of showing love and self-respect," said Anne-Patcharin Saejie, yoga teacher and clinical psychologist. She has combined two exciting fields of knowledge in her work

"It is our good fortune. It is free from our parents to choose whatever field I want to study. "Psychology is the field that teacher Ann chose to study at university. Because I believe that the knowledge gained from studying psychology will benefit you. No matter what job you choose in the future, it is. "Our understanding of ourselves And have some understanding and compassion Making us easier to live life."

After graduation, the first job Ann chose to do was as a Class Leader teacher at a Child Development Center. “Working there was an excellent experience training us everything from the skills of speaking, expressing, communicating with people. Both adults and children solve problems immediately. And most importantly, it is the first place that we have the opportunity to act as a teacher. "

She became acquainted with yoga when she worked as an activity leader teacher by spending time after work to go to class regularly. ” our first objective is. Go to exercise Because he is a person who does not exercise at all Not good at sports Not confident when having to play with someone or as a team Yoga is an answer to us very much. Because we can go alone, don't wait for anyone, don't have to compete with anyone." But after taking a few yoga classes, Ann felt the benefits of yoga far beyond exercise.

“Practicing yoga has a lot more than we expected. Of course, our bodies are healthy, relaxed, and sleep well, but more than that, it is calmness, learning to control, and letting go in different situations. ”And that's why yoga is a part of Teacher Anne's life. For more than ten years "When we entered the class for a while We began to have a picture in our head saying If we are teachers Standing in front of the room, we are going to teach what to say, and to be aware again, we have determined that we want to be a yoga teacher. After being a serious student for three years, I started taking a yoga teacher course. Yoga was not as popular at that time. People around me are still amazed that we are so serious? "

The path to becoming a yoga teacher is exactly what Teacher Anne intended. She also had the opportunity to use the psychology class that she had learned. Applied in teaching yoga “The skill of being a psychologist trains us to be observant. And pay attention to the reactions of each student, especially if it is one-on-one training. We will have more opportunities to observe and interact with students to choose the activity that will be most useful to them. Being a good teacher In addition to teaching preparation, we still have to see what is going on right in front of us, with enough care and knowledge to pull it out and use it beforehand. "

At The Oasis, Teacher Ann works with a psychiatrist. And a psychotherapist Caring for Teacher Ann's students is more than teaching yoga poses or breathing techniques.

"Our intention is I want students to have good health both physically and mentally. It sounds fundamental, but I want it to be if we find it helpful. We will continue talking with students. In a yoga class, we observe emotions. Response to stimuli Dealing with challenges These things can reflect students' self-understanding. Or to continue talking to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist during his session. "

The happiness of Teacher Ann's work is to see the development of each student. It's physically, emotionally, and mentally. ”Yoga is a form of showing love and self-respect. Students who come to practice regularly Will begin to understand this sentence, And when self-love happens, it will be followed by self-care, Self-acceptance Self-forgiveness. These are all the foundations of a healthy mind. "


Patcharin Saejea



  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Thammasat University, Thailand



  • Certificate in 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (Centered Yoga, Thailand)

  • Certificate in 200 hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science & Research, India)

  • Certificate in 90 hours Personal Trainer (FIT, Thailand)

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