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บริการจิตบำบัดคู่รัก โดยนักจิตบำบัด
จิตแพทย์ หมอจิตเวช



จิตบำบัดคู่รัก Couple Therapy

In psychotherapy for a spouse or partner, a psychologist helps to open up a space for couples to discuss issues that cause misunderstandings in an atmosphere where both sides are heard and not judged. During the talk, the therapist acts as a mediator to help both understand the problems or obstacles that form a barrier in the relationship.

You will practice communication skills and listening to each other. To be able to reach and understand the thoughts and feelings of the other person. Create compassion for each additional Help develop your relationship to be vital if the spouse or partner is in the process of deciding to divorce or divorce. A psychologist will encourage both of you to reduce the conflicting atmosphere. And turned their heads to talk and agreed with the understanding.


* Service recipients can choose to receive this service in an online format.

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