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ค่าบริการและเงื่อนไข โดยนักจิตบำบัด จิตแพทย์ หมอจิตเวช

เป้าหมายของ The Oasis คือ การให้บริการสุขภาพกายและใจที่มีคุณภาพแก่
ผู้รับบริการทุกท่านอย่างทันท่วงที โดยนักจิตบำบัด จิตแพทย์ หมอจิตเวช


Service fee

  • Psychiatrist services. Service fees start at 1,500 baht (excluding medication costs).

  • Psychotherapy: (50 minutes) 2,100 - 2,200 baht Art therapy: (50 minutes) 2,100 baht

  • Play therapy: (40 minutes) 2,100 baht Yoga therapy: (75 minutes) 2,100 - 2,600 baht

  • Couple and family psychotherapy: (50-100 minutes) 2,200-3,900 baht

  • Drama activity: (90 minutes) 1,500-3,900 baht​

  • Group yoga:

  • 75 minutes per session, 800 baht per session

  • 12 times (use within 2 months): 7,800 baht

  • 25 times (use within 4 months): 14,500 baht


When you make an appointment, the period will be booked as yours immediately. Other service recipients will not be able to book that time. Therefore, to respect the rights of other service recipients, The Oasis asks you.

  • Confirm your appointment within 24 hours in advance via The Oasis staff.

  • Pay the total amount before servicing. Confirm the booking period for psychotherapy, art therapy, rehab, yoga, and creative drama activities.

  • Pay a deposit of 500 baht to confirm the time of booking for the psychiatrist. As for the additional cost, you can pay on the day you come to receive the service.

Payments can be made by money transfer. Or pay by credit card when the minimum amount is reached

Cancellation and refund policy

  • Any cancellation or change of an appointment must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time you have booked.

  • Cancellation notification or changing the appointment time to less than 24 hours will not be refunded. That includes the fact that you did not come to receive the service at that time.

  • You will receive a full refund. If you have to seek emergency medical care, a family member has died, an accident, or a natural disaster.

  • If you use the right for the paid package And cancel the appointment, do not follow the appointment or notify the change in less than 24 hours, The Oasis will assume that you have used the right for that time, and there will be no compensation for you in any way.

  • You can cancel. Or change the appointment time by phone: 065 635 1561 or Official Line: @theoasiscare or email:

  • All payments are non-transferable to others.

Travel information

BTS Skytrain: Phahon Yothin 24 Station Exit 2: Walk for 350 meters

Parking: The Oasis does not provide free parking for its recipients. (Can park for the shuttle) but you can park in the nearby 3 places as follows

  • Motorsports Land (240 meters) per hour, 30 baht per hour

  • Tesco lotus, Lat Phrao Branch (500 meters), free parking for 3 hours.

  • Central Ladprao Department Store (800 meters), first 3 hours park, price 20 baht

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