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Psychiatric services

Detailed mental health examination for adults and the elderly by psychiatrists.
Which allows clients to participate in treatment planning

Psychiatric services by psychiatrists

The Oasis offers psychiatric services by a specialist psychiatrist. Care covers both general adult psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. We have a thorough mental health assessment, including history taking, physical examination, neurological examination, and evaluation of brain potential with questionnaires. Our doctors can advise on a wide range of symptoms that affect the daily life of you or your loved ones. They range from stress symptoms such as feeling anxious, skeptical, lacking energy, insomnia, irritability, or panic (unexplained panic) to psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder, guilt. normal eating as well as other problems such as personality problems, a power outage at work, and memory problems, or mood disorders in the elderly no matter what kind of symptoms Service recipients will receive knowledge and understanding of disease conditions. and play a role in joint treatment planning in both drug treatment and psychotherapy


Our psychiatrist team


Anothai Soonsawat, MD.


Talking to each patient is different.

That we have listened to the story of the patient Makes it possible to understand as well that
In learning life We don't need to be frustrated. Just a little bit more to understand the world


Phacharaphon Kitpinyochai (MD)

Child and adolescent psychiatrist

For me, the concept of taking care of psychiatric patients Probably not just taking history to meet the criteria of diagnosis and prescribing medication Because if only that, the computer can do it. But making the patient feel understood Both in logic, reason and emotion. That is important



Every patient is like our teacher. To learn about their life Contribute to us to help him. But at the same time They too can give us some lessons to grow into a better way of us too.

วางแผนการรักษากับ The Oasis คลินิกจิตเวช กรุงเทพ

ขอรับคำปรึกษาปัญหาโรคซึมเศร้า โรควิตกกังวล โรคนอนไม่หลับ และปัญหาสุขภาพจิต จิตเวช จิตบำบัด ปรึกษาจิตแพทย์ หมอจิตเวชผู้เชี่ยวชาญ พร้อมสอบถามค่ารักษาโรคซึมเศร้า และปัญหาสุขภาพจิตอื่นๆ

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