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The Oasis was founded by a team of experts in various professions. People who focus on the '4 Pillars of Health' concept: Body, Mind, Family and Spirit.

Tassaya Ruangsri

Tassaya Ruangsri

Psychotherapists and Play Therapist


Suffering or sadness is something that many people do not want to meet. But the experience might be precious. If it becomes a turning point for that person to learn and apply what I have learned to help others

The path of psychotherapist of Pong-Tassaya Ruangsri, the founder of The Oasis, was also born during her teenage life away from home and encountered loneliness while moving abroad for a long time. Even though daily life goes on, as usual, she knows that she is unhappy due to many factors, both disappointed in love coupled with dissatisfaction with the computer line work being done When being advised by people around you to know the profession of a psychologist, she decided to withdraw the needle to study psychology.

“At that time, I felt that life was stuck. Depression, the relationship was not going well. I don't feel like the work I do because I have to stay with the machine but not with people.” Pong said of the turning point that led her to stay in therapy for more than ten years. Past suffering or sorrows have become important variables for her to understand the nature of human feelings and the process of properly caring for the mind. Must her personal experiences become the basis for her understanding of those suffering who were in the process of healing.

Before studying in the field of Psychotherapy In New Zealand, to become a full-fledged psychotherapist, cupping was also learned through various jobs, such as nursing assistant jobs in the psychiatric ward. And the research assistant job at the age of 35 decided to return as a psychotherapist in a hospital in Bangkok. And, of course, she didn't forget to bring back a valuable learning experience. One of the important things is to know yourself. And I am confident that work that will benefit the public through speaking and listening is the work itself.

“Psychotherapy is open for us to work with people. Each person's story is interesting. And at the same time, the nature of the therapist's job addresses our introvert needs, allowing us to have the privacy of talking and listening in-depth with someone. It's more fun and keeps us curious. ”The biggest pitfall in work is the diverse stories of people who turn around and meet.

On a day that can be called expert Cupping to fill the knowledge of the science of playing therapy courses from England in Hong Kong to work better with a group of young clients. Adding new knowledge from the outside and exploring to learn within itself is always the same thing for the therapist. Because that's the key to working in a direction you believe in.

“A psychotherapist should be someone who wants to learn. Have an open mind. It is important to understand yourself as much as possible. So that we may understand others as well because we believe in the subconscious mind, which dictates thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If the therapist is not yet self-aware enough, we may not even see that the client is expressing what the subconscious mind is trying to communicate. ” Pong explains the key mechanism.

"If the therapist himself is a good work tool, We will help decode the information of the subconscious mind and reflect it to the client to understand. The more of this information, the more the service recipient, the more likely it is to make good choices for life. "


Tassaya Ruangsri



  • Registered psychotherapist

(The Psychotherapist Board of Aoteroa New Zealand, New Zealand)

  • Registered play therapist (Play Therapy International, UK)



  • Master of Health Science in Psychotherapy

(University of Technology, New Zealand)

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

(Hons, University of Auckland, New Zealand)



  • Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy (Play Therapy International, UK)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

(Play Therapy International, UK)

  • Certificate in Filial Play Coaching (Play Therapy International, UK)

  • EMDR Level 1, and 2

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