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Plan treatment for mental health problems, psychotherapy

THE OASIS , Bangkok Psychiatric Clinic, ready to listen to your problems. and help with counseling on mental health problems By a team of psychotherapists , psychiatrists or specialist psychiatrists , you can contact to plan treatment and ask for information.
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THE OASIS Psychiatric Clinic provides psychiatric services. by psychotherapist or a specialist psychiatrist Covers general psychiatric services for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. There is a thorough mental health assessment. Including history taking, physical examination, nervous system, and brain potential assessment using questionnaires, our psychotherapists or psychiatrists are able to provide advice on a variety of symptoms that affect your daily life. or the person you love Starting from stress symptoms such as feeling anxious, distracted thinking, lacking energy, insomnia, easily irritated or panic attacks (panic attacks without cause), psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety , bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive thoughts, etc. eating disorders including other problems such as personality problems Burnout at work and memory problems or emotional disorders in the elderly Service recipients will receive knowledge and understanding of disease conditions. and play a role in planning treatment together Both in drug treatment and psychotherapy

Tel: 065-635-1561 E-mail: contact

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