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The Oasis was founded by a team of experts in various professions. People who focus on the '4 Pillars of Health' concept: Body, Mind, Family and Spirit.

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Ratchata Thanomkitti

Rachata Thanomkitti

Developmental psychologist


“Other children might ride into Bangkok, come to study, but I took the car to learn dance. ”Safe-Racot Thanomkitti, a young man from Suphanburi Province Who is a dance teacher who takes the position of a therapist Open the story of childhood with laughter.

With support from their mother, Save had started to learn a dance to improve his personality since high school. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in communication arts, he worked as a creative administrator for show scripts. But being able to move freely is what he loves more. So Safe decided to quit his job and return to another dance class. And when receiving advice from the teacher, he, too, could be a dance teacher. Save found that people's happiness was a teacher who had never known before. Human development

“We love seeing children grow better from not being able to dance so they can become good dancers. After teaching, I want to add strength to education myself. At that time, we saw some children that no teacher liked. The teacher sees that the child is not cute. We feel that the behavior of these children has a background and a background. How do we understand him? We want to be a teacher so that anyone who has problems can walk toward us. "

She decided to continue her studies in developmental psychology, wanting to understand children's minds at Srinakharinwirot University. That was a choice that made him find happiness again. Because what you study meets your interests. This allows them to discover themselves and apply their knowledge to help guide parents after that with a unique combination of teacher-level dance skills and psychological knowledge. He has also started his career as a therapist in a hospital that has applied excellent mobility.

“The body is significant to the mind when something happens. The mind can be difficult to change. But the body is easy to change when the body changes, The mind follows the body. So if you feel bad or sad, put your body to work, and it will help your mind, ” he explains.

Later, he continued studying Play Therapy or playing therapy in England. To increase the knowledge to make yourself ready for more work in this line In this study during which he learned about himself intensely.

“I went through a much-troubled childhood as well. We grew up in a broken family. During therapy classes, we keep repairing ourselves until one day we understand ourselves. Know what clues are and how they affect us. We felt the healing process was perfect and wanted to help people. Because we quite understand the children we meet and know that it is tough to live with those clues. So we like human development work and want to keep doing it. The most special events in therapy work are The day when the first case we healed came and said he was better. We saw that he had changed a lot. Become a friendly and smiling person. That day was when we felt we had to do this profession. Because this profession helps people, ”said Safe with a smile.

With a nature that likes to support and help people around since childhood. Save is still enjoying both roles these days. It is a dance teacher who brings knowledge of psychology to understand children and therapists who have helped children live better.

He explains that working in therapy is learning. Not only did the client know from the therapist, but Therapists learned from clients as well. Being a therapist allows him to be more flexible and understandable as a human being. No matter who the service recipient is, Save is ready to understand the problems of people of all ages. And certainly do not view the stress of the child as nonsense.

Ratchada Thanomkitti



  • Associate Teaching Certificate from the Australia Teacher of Dancing Institute, Australia.

  • Master of Developmental Psychology Srinakharinwirot University

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills from The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC), England.

  • Graduate Degree Program Department of Mental Health, Department of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Conducted by the Department of Psychiatry. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University

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