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Clinic service

Mental health counseling services, psychiatry, psychotherapy, online psychiatrist, counseling service. Ready to make an appointment to plan a consultation for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health problems.

You can choose a treatment program for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health problems by psychiatrists, psychiatrists, expert psychotherapists suitable for you as listed below.


Psychiatric services by psychiatrists

Detailed mental health examination for adults and the elderly by psychiatrists.
Which allows clients to participate in treatment planning


Play therapy

Promote development by playing for children can be happily.
Ready to learn how to deal with problems in a fun and safe environment.


Group Yoga Therapy

Responding to the needs of taking care of the body and mind to focus on creating self-change
In the warm co-learning atmosphere of a small yoga class.


Dramatic psychotherapy activities

Encourages learning to communicate and express Increase the ability to face the unpleasant.



The process of taking care of the mind for those who need a safe space to discuss life issues.
In which a psychotherapist is ready to be beside Listen and explore the story together.


Practicing playing with your child

Train your playing skills with the ball under the guidance of an expert coach.
Let parents know how to build constructive family relationships. Suitable for the growth of the children you love.


Art therapy

Understand yourself and life by experimenting with creating art without being wrong. For learning and growing independently


Corporate Mental Health Services

So that the organization can plan to solve problems that affect employees on the spot.


Couple psychotherapy

Relationship nurturing space through discussion and learning of problems between spouses.
To overcome obstacles with mutual understanding


Single Yoga Therapy

Practice breathing, moving, and relaxing in harmony.
Through yoga therapy, recharge, love, and care for yourself to overcome physical and mental problems.


Creative activity

A space to fuel the fun, creativity, and living skills for children and adults through various activities. Specially designed

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