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The Oasis was founded by a team of experts in various professions. People who focus on the '4 Pillars of Health' concept: Body, Mind, Family and Spirit.

Dr. Anothai Sunsawat, Psychiatrist (Psychiatrist)

Anothai Soonsawat

Dr. Anothai Soonsawat, MD.


If talking about the definition that explains the Dr. Ta-Anothai Soonsawat, a psychiatrist who loves exercise and yoga well. That word seems to be the word 'Love in the challenge.'

Many people may choose to study medicine according to their parents' needs at a certain age. Dr. Ta, in his childhood, did not have a clear career dream. But was impressed with the coolness of his career as a doctor in the television series. Growing up and wanting to see the world more than houses and provinces, Dr. Ta chose to study medicine at Prince of Songkla University. But the long journey does not end there. It also led him to a path that any doctor had not chosen at that time.
While working and using capital Doctor Tat came up with the idea to join a group with friends to travel to further study in America. At the juncture of the licensing exam, He chose to take the psychiatric entrance exam based on his hands-on experience during his internship.

“Most doctors work according to textbooks. Our personal feeling is that when working in certain fields, it starts to repeat, but at the same time, we meet with a psychiatric patient. He may have depression, paranoia, and some medical students will not feel that the condition is a problem. But I felt it was challenging. Every time I talk to the patient, It is new. Then we can take him back to life, as usual; it was a great novelty at the time, "the doctor told Thieves" my life is driven by challenging yourself so that everything starts over. We want to do something different. "

While studying abroad, He has the opportunity to care for a wide range of veteran patients. And began to notice that the elderly patients have interesting life stories and have various dimensions in themselves. But working with elderly patients, there is always an unexpected leave. Dr. Tat considers the work that takes care of the end of the patient's life as valuable. Even when researching the topic of Alzheimer's disease, I felt that it was the answer to my interests. Therefore continuing to study in-depth on the elderly at a later time, Dr. Tat can take care of both general patients and elderly patients. Especially those with Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

When asked what is your favorite thing about a psychiatrist? Dr. Ta smiled before answering, "It would be like any doctor in general that we would be happy if we could help him, even in small portions. There is no form of treatment for Alzheimer's disease that can slow its progression. Our caring problem is how to make him stay at home with a good quality of life. And have a relationship with the people in the house based on mutual understanding. Our work may not be like a cancer doctor who can make cancer disappear. But just that is a success for us. "

Apart from taking care of the quality of life for patients, Dr. Ta did not forget to share his time to take care of himself. To recharge the power to be ready for work and balance life from running to yoga, he was even studied in India. Apart from the theoretical knowledge carried back, he also met people who had traveled to seek something in life. Have seen diversity in people of different backgrounds And has returned to look at himself as a normal human being who is still in the process of learning life, just like everyone else.

“We are happy every day we work. The psychiatrist's job may not be standing for 12 hours for surgery, but it is listening that you have to try to think and understand the person in front of you. Talking to each patient is different. Hearing the story of the patient can be understood as well. In learning life, we don't need to be frustrated. Just a little bit more to understand the world. "

Dr. Tat is currently both a psychiatrist and yoga teacher at The Oasis, who brings her knowledge in yoga to help recommend psychiatric patients. With the hope of making mental health care accessible to all, Doctors will be able to take care of each other easier.


Anothai Soonsawat, MD



  • Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program University of California,

Los Angeles, California

  • Harvard South Shore Psychiatry Residency Training Program / Boston VA Healthcare System, Massachusetts

  • Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Professional Licensure

  • ABPN Certification for Geriatric Psychiatry

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN)

  • Thai Medical License

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