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Mental health services for organizations
By psychotherapists , psychiatrists , psychiatric doctors

So that the organization can plan to solve problems that directly affect employees.
By psychotherapists , psychiatrists , psychiatric doctors

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Comprehensive in-house mental health care services

In modern times, taking care of employees' mental health is essential that organizations are starting to pay more attention to. We are fully aware of this need and need. Therefore, we are ready to be another support that helps allocate mental health care services suitable for your organization in small, medium, and large organizations.


Employee mental health services can be provided in various ways, for example, through a psychotherapy process that gives employees a safe space to explore and manage problems. and through the process of creative activities that take care of the hearts and develop the internal potential of the employees, which we can design to meet the specific objectives and needs of the organization based on the understanding of the nature of the employees allowing service users to live and work to their fullest potential


In addition to the direct benefits that employees will receive, we, as mental health providers, can analyze the overall picture of our services—distilled into insights and recommendations to organizations to plan to solve problems that affect employees on the spot.

Create a happier and healthier workplace

The Oasis offers workshops, training and consulting specifically designed to help you and your team be your best.


It all starts with you and your needs. Be inspired to build the science of happiness into the DNA of your workplace.


We provide tools and techniques to increase your awareness and change your perspective.


Get tangible results—you'll get a process that's easy to understand. that you can use immediately to improve happiness in the workplace

Improve Wellbeing 

Increasing happiness in the workplace with a workshop developed with science as the foundation. will make the results clearly visible


Our workshops are created to be suitable for all groups of employees. and inspires work which is beneficial to morale and morale Flexibility to work and motivation to keep

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Culture change 

The Oasis will help you create a corporate culture that truly puts people first. Your organization's culture will be a key determinant of your organization's performance. Therefore, examining and measuring organizational culture Therefore, it is extremely important to the success of your organization.


Successful organizational culture change Must start with having good mental health as an important factor. Teams with good mental health and motivation as their foundation create lasting business success.


Our team of experts is here to advise you about this change. Whether you want to use an existing approach or a new approach. We are ready to provide the most appropriate advice for your organization.

Why us?

Why do our customers love working with us?

It all starts with the customer – The Oasis tailors our programs to the needs of our corporate culture and the realities of everyday life.

Flexibility in this section It will help you avoid mistakes in traditional processes or general standard workshops that may not be appropriate for your organization. Everything we do is based on data and research. Able to create change and reach personnel at all levels


Suchawadee Phetpanomporn

Who are we?

The Oasis Psychiatric Clinic was started by a group of mental health and creative experts, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, art therapists, play therapists, and drama practitioners.

What we know is that "happiness in living" is essential for life, but most people do very little about it. Problems are often accumulated until they become unbearable, and by that time, they have already caused wounds in life.

The Oasis Psychiatric Clinic decided that it's time to change this. We began proactively working with a wider range of people to help each individual truly "find happiness in living."

The facilitators at The Oasis Psychiatric Clinic have in-depth knowledge about activities that lead to better mental well-being and how to apply simple, practical techniques in real life.


Tasaya Rueangsri

Psychotherapist and play therapist

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in your way

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Plan mental health services for the organization.
by psychotherapist, psychiatrist
The Oasis Psychiatric Clinic Bangkok

Ask for advice on depression , anxiety, and insomnia . and mental health problems, psychiatry, psychotherapy , consulting a psychiatrist Expert psychiatrist ready to inquire about treatment costs for depression and other mental health problems

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